Agreed syllabuses

David Hampshire



This section uses one local authority, Cornwall, and exemplifies the process of its Agreed Syllabus review.

An analysis of five Agreed Syllabuses for the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus Conference 2009 – 2010
At its meeting of 17th November 2009, the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus Conference requested that a report be made on five locally agreed syllabuses which had been viewed at the meeting. The purpose of the report was to enable members to look at how different approaches taken in each syllabus might inform the development of the agreed syllabus in Cornwall. Cornwall’s current agreed syllabus (Cornwall County Council 2005) is based on the National Framework for RE (QCA 2004) and previous syllabuses in Cornwall, most notably the Agreed Syllabus 1995 – 2000 and the Agreed Syllabus 2000 – 2005 (Cornwall County Council 1995 and 2000).

Download the Agreed_Syllabus_Analysis.pdf