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A short history of religious educationReligious education in England since 1944 Assessment of religious studies / education AS/2Assessment of religious studies/ education AS/2 Assessment at GCSEDescription of assessment at GCSE BuddhismBuddhism Science and religious educationScience and religious education Ethics and religious educationDescription of ethics Agreed syllabusesAgreed syllabuses Leading and managing RE in the primary schoolLeading and managing religious education in the primary school Leading and managing religious education in the special educational needs schoolLeading and managing religious education in the special educational needs school SACREsSACREs Researching educationResearching education Developing an RE handbookHow can you develop a handbook for RE? Religious educaton, religious studies and theologyReligious educaton, religious studies and theology Approaches to teaching and learning in religious educationApproaches to teaching and learning in religious education Humanities and religious educationHumanities and religious education Teaching about the Holocaust in religious educationTeaching about the Holocaust in religious education Sikhism scholarship and researchSikhism scholarship and research Buddhism scholarship and researchBuddhism scholarship and research Church of England schoolsChurch of England schools Christianity scholarship and researchChristianity scholarship and research JainismJainism Religious education and spiritual developmentReligious education and spiritual development Religious education and moral developmentReligious education and moral development Religious education and social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL)Religious education and social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL) Religious education and cultural developmentReligious education and cultural development Professional religious education associationsProfessional religious education associations Literature and religious educationLiterature and religious education Hinduism scholarship and researchHinduism scholarship and research Citizenship and religious educationCitizenship and religious education Creativity and religious educationCreativity and religious education NATREThe National Association of Teachers of Religious Education Judaism scholarship and researchJudaism scholarship and research ICT and religious educationICT and religious education Using artefacts in religious educationUsing artefacts in religious education ReviewingReview 2 The Real Lives of Teachers and Pupils in REThe Real Lives of Teachers and Pupils in RE 3 Understanding Pedagogy in REUnderstanding Pedagogy in RE 4 Inclusions and REInclusions and RE 5 RE and SocietyRE and Society 6 Working with Sacred TextsWorking with Sacred Texts 7 Ethnography in REEthnography in RE 8 Philosophy, Truth and REPhilosophy, Truth and RE 9 Creativity and RECreativity and RE Religious education across the curriculumReligion as a subject is enriched by many aspects of human experience. For example there are obvious links between, religion and the arts and culture, religion and ethics, religion and history, religion and science. This section provides some cross curricular suggestions for linking religious education with a range of subjects across the curriculum. The Agreed Syllabus for Religious EducationAgreed Syllabus for RE The Religious Education Council of England and WalesThe partnership between government departments and the RE Council, and the REC’s role in refining national policy on RE Leading and managing a secondary RE departmentManaging a Secondary RE department